Easy-to-install system which ensures that pigeons are in the right place, that is, away from companies and homes.


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Environmentally friendly

This innovative system does not utilize poison or chemicals. Instead, its high technology produces an electromagnetic field that repels pigeons by disorienting their landing without harm to the birds, other animals or humans.

Avoid Loss

The accumulation of pigeon feces might clog gutters, attract cockroaches and contaminate water tanks.

Using the Pigeon Control System can avoid expenses with painting maintenance, ceiling lining cleaning, nest removal and possible problems with bird mites (pigeon lice), without compromising on the aesthetics of the roof.

Avoid Diseases

Some diseases such as cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis and chlamydiosis are transmitted through inhaling dust from dry pigeon feces, contaminated by fungi (cryptococcosis and histoplasmosis) or bacterium (chlamydiosis).

Salmonellosis can be transmitted through the ingestion of food contaminated with pigeon feces containing Salmonella spp (bacteria), which compromises the digestive system. Pigeon mites found on birds and nests can cause dermatitis when in contact with human skin.

Pigeons Out’s mission is to promote well-being to our customers by providing an environment free of pigeons and its negative consequences through high-quality repellent systems.
To be a reference concerning the development of pigeon control technologies, prioritizing respect towards people, animals and the environment.

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