Who can benefit from becoming a franchisee

Intended for pest control and/or maintenance companies duly qualified for such activity and complying with safety standards.

Benefits of becoming a franchisee

Return on Investment

Low risk investments with fast payback, provided by a good operating profit margin.

More Customers

By offering an innovative and truly definitive solution, your company will attract new customers, thus increasing your sales.

Easy to Install

The installation is performed by qualified professionals who set up small electromagnetic field formation spots in strategic roof/cover locations, discretely, in a fast, clean and safe process.

The solution to the problem

Bring satisfaction to your customers by offering the ultimate repellency solution for unwanted pigeons, without the use of poison, chemicals, screens or bars.

Tech Support

Get access to the benefits of a suite of add-on services that will help you sell, install and maintain the system, empowering your staff to deliver high-quality services.

National Distribution

The Pigeons Out System is available to serve its franchisees in all Brazilian states.

Attract customers and increase sales

The cutting-edge Pigeon Control System is a great feature to attract new customers seeking a definitive and ecological solution, significantly increasing your sales and profits. Everything is ready for you to start selling

Everything is ready for you to start selling

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